Bios & Session Givers

Our Guests Presenters in alphabetic order
 Iam Jaziel,  John McCurdy, Kaiti Tsoli,  Kalliopi Barka,  Lise Storm Karlsen, Maria Grigoraki,  Romana Ercegovic, Roula Papathanasiou, Victoria Karipidou.

Our session givers and their work.
Alina Zamfir,  Evgenia Sgoura,  John McCurdy,  Kaiti Tsoli,  Roula Papathanasiou, Ifigenia Siozopoulou.
( until now, the list is evolving)

Available Private Sessions

  • Evgenia Sgoura : Personal sessions with going back in past lives.
    0030 6984 908814, mail :
  • John McCurdy : Conversations with a Master
    When you combine the love and compassion of Adam (the Divine Masculine) with the wisdom and creation of Isis (the Divine Feminine), you have a master.
    In these sessions you might find yourself speaking with Isis or Adam, or simply with the master called John. However it shows up, you will leave with new insight into your life and into the reunion of Isis and Adam within your own being.
  • Kaiti Tsoli : Personal channeling via Kuthumi, Asc. Masters, and Yourself.,    0030 6976 828051
  • Roula Papathanasiou : Thai Healing massage ,0030 6945 104810,
  • Ifigenia Siozopoulou :  Shiatsu , rejuvance   0030 6936 748628, 
  • Αlina Zamfir : private beauty sessions with mesotherapy, face acupuncture,  reflexology and many more.
    0030 694 1685908

    To be continued…


Iam Jaziel
Jaziel is a ‘bon vivant’ and the founder of Shaumbra Pirates. Born as an indigo child, he were a natural rebel against everything that had the faintest hint of authority, especially with a strongly religious father. At the age of 15, he became a sailor and a part-time criminal just for the fun of it. He did drugs to the extent of it becoming abuse, living life with no other laws than his own. His first big shift occurred in 1987, when he died in the operating theater.
After that, he change his life and became a responsible citizen and a father with a career within sale. Until he lost it all again, on his way to enlightenment – a crisis that led to true change when he found Crimson Circle in 2002.

Lise storm Karlsen

Lise is a grandmother and nature lover, philosopher and consciousness explorer.She begun her wakening journey in 1998 after crashing totally from all the burdens of being a too concerned and controlled, caring and pleasing perfectionist – striving and struggling in order to make everything, herself included, right and good and nice and smart. With so much fear and limitation, it had to come apart at some point. After the burn-out experience, she begun questioning her ways and chose to end her career in the finance sector and stay at home with her three children. In that period, enlightenment became a life-changing passion – and in 2003 Crimson Circle came her way.

– Lise and Jaziel met in 2008, and in 2011 they moved from Norway to Spain where they started what is now called ‘House of The Awakened’ – a creation with the potential for expansion. For now, they rent a house with room for others to visit whom have chosen a similar journey – a place to relax and be yourself, share with other masters and have a time-out from everyday life for a little while.
– Embodied enlightenment is for them not just theories they talk about and practices they work at – it’s truly an ongoing, incremental discovery… as the human steps more and more out of the way and allows this very natural shift into a new way of being here.

John McCurdy

John McCurdy spent most of his life searching for the soulmate that would make everything better, and for how to create the life of grace, ease and freedom that he so longed for. Born and raised a fundamentalist Christian, he lost his religion at age 26 and finally began the inner journey that would eventually lead him home to himself, the one and only true soulmate, and to the answers to all his questions. Along the way he lost everything multiple times and had many intense and amazing experiences. And now at last, he is living that life of fulfillment, grace and joyful freedom.
As a guide on life’s journey, John leads and encourages the expansion and growth of those whom he coaches and teaches.  Known for his open heart, calm presence and laser-sharp clarity, he relishes the transformational moments when insight strikes, consciousness deepens and the I Am realizes itself.Through writing, workshops and personal coaching, John shares what he has learned along the way, and how simple it is to become a conscious creator and find ultimate fulfillment for yourself.   To find out more about John, visit or email him at


Kaiti Tsoli
In 1987 I had a very special experience that shocked my foundations and pushed me well deep within my existence. I felt the urge to look within me, to search and discover all that were hidden behind the doors of my perception, the things that I have always felt they existed. 
Since then, I have made a great deal of discoveries about me, I have lived through a lot of difficult experiences (Energy Shocks) in order to understand and liberate myself, and I have transmuted so many energies.

During this whole time, my Spirit provided me with all the help and information I needed to push through. When I connected and started talking with my Divine Self, I found out in the most natural of ways that I can communicate with all our spiritual family through Channelings. Hence, since 2001 I have started channeling various spiritual entities, including our beloved master Kuthumi (IaI Singh), the Archangels Michael and Raphael, Kryon (of Magnetic Service), Saint-Germain, Jesus Christ, and masters Hilarion, Serapis (Bey) and El Morya.
In 2004, I felt the calling to write about the whole of my inner journey, partly because I think it is the experience of my soul and partly because I believe that other human angels can receive help and benefit from the work we do with ourselves. Up to this date, I am the author of the following 5 books:
«The Goddess-God of Freedom and Love»,  «The Miracle has happened, We Are the Miracle», «Gods Live on Earth»,  «The New Consciousness of Earth”, «Our Soul’s journey».


Romana Ercegovic

Romana is an explorer and creator of new ways of conscious soulful theater art – Ph.D. in dramaturgy, an author, playwright, theatre director (also theater director in the Royal Shaumbra Theater) actress, facilitator of transformative creative retreats, poet, author of children’s literature, puppet performances, mother…
Romana chose an independent artistic path and follows her vision of theatre, which awakens the perception of beauty, magic, pure joy of life, honours the balance of the feminine and the masculine, as well as the connection to Nature. After many years (and lifetimes) of believing that life is very serious and human reality is very sad, she finally allows herself to be passionately and freely alive, to live in Beauty and to laugh abundantly – to create, cocreate and share new dimensions of colourfulness in the presence of Soul.
You can find more about Romana and her work, performances and workshops here:


Maria Grigoraki

I was born and I am living in Athens.
I studied Architecture, and for the first half of my life I had been working as an architect, with a great interest in metaphysics.
In 1999 I quit my job as an architect and closed my office, cause the cycle was completed !
In 1999-2000 I studied alternative therapies in Natural Health Science.
In 2000-2005 I created and directed the Alternative Therapies Center “ROI” in Athens, until I lost it all in my way to enlightenment.
At this point I met Tobias and CC and I found my place to stay.
From 2006 I am a New Energy Teacher from Shaumbra University.
At this point of my life I present all Tobias schools, SES, Aspectology and Passion and my own workshops of the New Consciousness.
I organize this event for the joy, the unity, the celebration and the expression of love of all of us, the earthy angels, who will meet each other again !
e-mail : ,  tel.: 0030 6932 449525


Roula Papathanasiou

Roula Papathanasiou is a Reiki Master and teacher of Thai healing massage.
Her driving force is the desire to help people improve their lives. She works as a therapist – facilitator and explores the intersections of spiritual practice, creativity and mindfulness living in modern society.
In her therapeutic sessions, she employs several techniques on different levels, so that she can meet the core of every person and facilitate the therapy.Nowadays, she teaches meditation in weekly classes while she also gives seminars on self-knowledge
She is based in Athens, owner of Human Stasis studio, but she travels often, either by organizing retreats with her groups or by giving therapies and teaching wherever she is invited (Crete, Antiparos, Germany, England, Thailand, Cyprus, Kos, Evia, Paris etc). More information you can find here:
Energy balance facilitator/ trainer

Reiki Master 
Thai healing massage©
All of Me Integration©
Meditation,  Seminars
Fb: Human Stasis-Roula Papathanasiou


Victoria Karipidou 

Victoria is an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher bringing a new approach and light to Self-Rememebering and Awakening the Awareness. She is a creator of the “Anagenis Online Sacred School of Transformation and Rebirth” (the website in english will be working soon )
Beginning in 2012, she conducts online group seminars, private mentoring programs and soulful retreats/workshops around Greece and abroad. All these intend to assist the participants to activate the ‘remembering’ of their higher potentials, inner strength, raising awareness of the Conscious Creator and Alchemist that everyone holds within.
The structure of the seminars, training courses, prepared and broadcasted by Victoria, are based on 3 fundamental components: Expansion of Consciousness, Conscious approach to the Physical Body’s Evolution and Embodied Divinity – materialized potentials/ higher manifestations.
Graduate of various Self-Realizational and Ascension programs around the world.
Crimson Circle – U.S.A.,
Academy of MacroConsciousness – Russia 
Kryon Merlight Academy – Greece
Hatha Yoga & Budo Academy – Greece  

Kalliopi Barka
Ι grew up and lived in Germany. I am living in Greece the last 20 years. I finished the department of physical education and sports in the University of Thessaloniki .
I am Laughter Yoga facilitator, and i also finished the training of personal life coaching. Now i am working in energetic therapy on multiple levels.   tel. 0030 694 472 5948


Ifigenia Siozopoulou
Ifigenia was born in Thessaloniki, North Greece. Her first love was music, and after that she started to learn Alternative Therapies, Zen Shiatsu, Rejuvance, Pranic Healing, and she started her way as a therapist.
She is continuing in learning new methods in the new energy , and she gives her sessions with love and respect !
tel. 0030 6936 748628


Alina  Zamfir

Alina was born in Romania, but she lives in Greece the last 15 years.
He has an Esthetician Certificate from Romania and she produces her own Handmade Cosmetics, which you can find in Bucharest, Athens, Porto Heli and Alimos with the brand name Alfa Natural Cosmetics.
In Greece, she also studied Reflexology, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as Cosmetic Acupuncture, in the “Ancient Greek & Traditional Chinese Medicine Academy”.

She will offer all these therapies for face and body, in Kos event together with Mesotherapy and Facial Gua Sha.                                         tel. 0030.694 168 5908


Εvgenia Sgoura

I was born on the plain in the last century … The mountains around us stood there like unnecessary guards … the mountains were My Masters. There have always been two parallel lives to «run» for me … in one of everyday life on an autopilot, in the other of a Dream I was totally the one who walked in the clouds and saw the whole world through their perspective … Deviant they would end up if the convulsed earthquake  … that changed everything.

After the swirl of the ruins, I discovered that the parallel lives were united in one … in a life where I was dreaming and creating in reality my Dream. Beyond that, I started looking for the pieces of my soul. I discovered that my hands are magic, full of energy and I got Reiki’s 2nd degree. I went deeper, attending Martin Brofman’s seminars and the Loyd Therapeutic Codes. And the search continued…
The psychotherapy through retrospectives in past lives had crossed my way before, but then I wasn’t ready and overtaken me … this time when it was presented in front of me again, I looked at it with the eyes of a child watching colorful balloons, music and strange games … I followed it in search of the melody of my soul … I knew you heard it only when you were Whole!
Jenny.sgoura.          tel. 0030 6984 908814