The Masters of the New Counsciousness on Earth

The Masters of the New Consciousness on Earth
Kaiti Tsoli, 21/1/2017

Greetings our dear ones. We are your Master Selves and we gather together on a higher comprehension level, to offer you this communication, that we consider is very significant in your now moment. Master Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Master Illarion and Archangel Michael were also present in this communication, on behalf of  our spiritual family.
Let us take a deep breath at this point family….

We, your  Master Selves, address to you, because you are already Masters. You built a new consciousness and you created  a lot of new energies on Earth, energies that never before existed and it is the time for you to use them. Don’t you ever forget that you are the creators and that you are the only ones who are responsible for your creations and for the reality you live into.

These days you see many events taking place on earth and you can sense the tense of the  energies’ fighting  and some of you got worried and doubtful and you wonder whether you didn’t make it at last with your plan, with your own  release  as well as the release of your planet.

Obviously we aren’t going to tell you that everything is fine, because indeed the planet is going through  harsh events, but we can mention two very important  reasons for that.  First of all, as long as the duality watches  the light expanding on the planet, it fights even harder. The second reason is that the light itself  knocks down and changes the old structures. As we told you previously our dear ones, the light won’t build over the old and rotten, that’s why, you will see dramatic changes taking place on your planet,  within this year.

This is one of the most important era for you and for your planet and by the March and on you will feel this energies’ fighting  and we want you to be absolutely calm.
Remember that things aren’t always the way they seem to be and, as you already know, whenever the energies are looking for their balance , they upturn and they create disruption, util they come back and balance in a brand new way.

And although it might look as if you are in a setback with the energies in the year of  2017 , in fact, what is really going to happen is a sort of  the movement of a pendulum – you will step a few steps backwards in order to have a better visibility to the things that are approaching , offering you the chance to reorganize and speed up ,in order to have a bigger jump and climb even more higher into the frequencies.

First of all, we are going to tell you that you are always into your safe space and nothing can touch you, because you already are settled in different and higher frequencies, than the rest of the human angels on Earth. Therefore, it’s not easy for those old frequencies to approach you, unless you descend your own frequencies and allow it, because it is important the way you face every situation.

Remember , that you didn’t come on this planet just to evolve  yourself, but to release the planet itself, as well. You love this planet very much, because it is your own creation and you have no intension to allow anybody take over the control of it, once again. As human angels, you already managed to bring together one critical mass, the one necessary for the planet to reverse all the sinister events. But, in order to be effective ,you need to maintain the balance of your energy in the higher frequencies of light and love.

Let us take a deep breath in this point, family…….

This is what we are going to talk about today and we have a few suggestions for you.
My dear ones , you should be detached from everything going on. You should observe in awareness, in acceptance, in understanding, without criticism over the darkness. You should always look at it as a part of you which is wounded and remote from love.
And mostly, my dear ones,  you shouldn’t  convey the facts and reproduce the drama, because in this case you feed it energetically and you reinforce it. You have better things to do this year. Take a better turn inside of you, concentrate to your energy  and create for your sake. Create your new and wonderful reality, for you.

It is also a wonderful chance for you to ecounter your true Self. Up to now, you were too busy looking into your mirrors, dragging onto you all the covers of  the configuration and beliefs. But right now, most of you who managed to release yourself, met with your new self and even you redefined it and reinforced it through your evolution, through your whole  journey on Earth, up to now. Get to know him and you will be surprised. You will see how wonderful your Self  is.

You will feel admiration and pride and you will feel into this grand beauty. Try it, because we , your Master Selves, we are proud to see you in a way you cannot see through your human eyes. We can see your wonderful light, your grandness, we can see what a human angel that has gained his freedom, his autonomy, his self-esteem, his self respect, and his love looks like.
A human angel that loves himself and that feels deeply loved by himself and by the Spirit. Try it because it is a wonderful, magical feeling and you will feel that yourself is much more higher and much more lighter.
Let us take a deep breath at this point family……………………….

My dear ones, you are the Masters of the New Consciousness on Earth and you’ve gained this through your evolution , with your value.
Use your consciousness and the new energies. In order to have control of the planet, the duality is based on power and authority, but remember that the consciousness goes beyond  the power, because it is motivated  by love.  And  you can use your consciousness, my dear ones, whenever you are aware and you are into your now moment, acknowledging who you are.

You are on Earth and you want to be on Earth, because this is your choice. You have worked hard to achieve it, you have made plans for it, you have asked the Spirit to give you the opportunities to be here.
When your divinity was expressed on Earth, when the Sun you are spread  its rays , it covered the whole perimeter of the circle, what you call linearity. And in the perimeter of the circle, from one future position, you saw where and when you need to intervene to this ,that you call your past.

Which means that you literally came from your  future , to heal your past, which is this very moment that you are experiencing now. You have studied your plan very carefully, so that you should be here on the planet in this given moment , to make your work, to absolutely succeed.
Let us take a deep breath at this point family……….

We keep on reminding you how great creators you are. You need the Earth and the Earth needs your light, because it is going to help it overcome its present struggles and to raise. That’s why my dear ones we, your Master Selves, want to be here and we are well aware that you want it too, at least most of you do. Live your lives on Earth and enjoy everything you have and everything you have created and have a strong belief that you assist our planet simply with your presence and your vibration.

And our dear ones, whenever human angels that wish to evolve approach you, especially the young ones, open up your arms, open up your heart, hold their hand and help them through your experience. Leave the appropriateness to love, because love always can see the appropriateness and the love is endless. Love isn’t energy to be wasted, because love is  God, it is your essence and it is you.

Our dear ones, place both your hands onto your heart and feel us, feel in our love for you ,feel in the love of yourself for you, because we are you and we love you beyond everything.

And so it is.

Channeled by Kaiti Tsoli
Τtanslation : Kalliopi Pagoudi,  Maria Grigoraki

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